Policies & Positions

The Scottish Young Liberals support Scotland staying in the UK, and the UK staying in the EU.

We want to reform the United Kingdom into a federal state and elect our MPs using Proportional Representation. This is because we want to see a union of equals.

We are a liberal party both in terms of economics and with civil liberties. We want to build a green economy and give young people a sustainable future to live in. We want to end generation rent, give trans people the rights they deserve, and treat mental health equally to physical health

We want to give everyone the opportunity to succeed in life, we want Scotland to stay in both its unions, and we want a future which is clean and sustainable.


Our values
  • We want to help everyone to achieve their potential.

  • We stand with the weak against the strong, and will use the power of government to tackle the social and economic injustices that limit freedom.

  • We believe power is safer when it is shared and that communities and individuals should have the right to control their lives and participate in democracy.

  • We are trustees of our world and our society. It is our duty to pass on a sustainable legacy to benefit future generations.

Want to learn more? You can read the Young Liberals Policy book here: 

YL Policy Book


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