LYS statement on May's Brexit speech

Today, Theresa May has announced that she will drag Britain out of the single market, making us all poorer and more isolated. Britain’s young people will be forced to look abroad in search of economic opportunities and liberal, open futures. 

The Prime Minister herself recognised the importance of the single market to the UK economy, but now the pound falls with every word she says. The Tory party clearly values its own power over doing what’s right for Britain’s future and the British people.

Ruth Davidson is no better. She also claimed to support the single market, but has now joined a long line of Tory Brexiteers stumbling towards a Hard Brexit. Nicola Sturgeon condemns division while planning to divide Scotland ever further with an unwanted second independence referendum.

If you believe in protecting Scotland’s future in the UK and the EU, defending a world based on liberal values, and standing up against the forces of populism and nationalism – the Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting for you in 2017.

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