Liberal Youth Scotland calls for young people to vote Remain

As polls open, Liberal Youth Scotland stresses how important it is that young people get out and vote today for a Remain vote.

Young people have the most to gain from the EU and the most to lose if we leave. The EU opens up real opportunities for us to travel, study and work abroad. One in every ten UK jobs is linked to our trade with the EU, and we need to make sure those opportunities are still here for our generation by voting to remain today. We have spent our whole lives in a more global and open world - and there is far more work to do to make it more liberal, but that goal is not achieved by leaving the European Union. The EU is an example of what can be done when we work together - people get richer and freer. We can only safeguard those gains and make more if the UK leads, not leaves the EU. 

A freer and fairer Scotland is possible if we play a full part in both the UK and the EU. That's why we're campaigning up and down the country for a Remain vote today.

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