Joe McCauley

Joe is a driven political campaigner, born and raised in Glasgow Southside, where he attended Holyrood Secondary School, he completed further education at Langside College before getting his first job in politics.

He is an experienced campaigner, having worked for both politicians and on national local and national campaigns. During the 2019 General election, Joe worked as a Campaign organiser for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, helping to coordinate campaigning and volunteer activity.

As a young LGBT+ kid, growing up in a disadvantaged, single parent household, Joe understands the difficulties working families across Glasgow face day in day out. He is passionate about using his experience to connect with people and help improve their lives.

A passionate believer in community values, he wants to see greater funding for mental health services, a plan to tackle the climate emergency, and better educational opportunities for everyone.

As we look to rebuild after the pandemic, Joe wants to see a stronger Scotland at the heart of a federal United Kingdom, playing its role on the European stage.


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