Do you want to be on our executive?

We're looking for 4 people to join the Scottish Young Liberals Executive.

Due to resignations and unfilled positions, we're looking to co-opt people to 4 roles on the SYL Executive.

  1. Chair
  2. Treasurer
  3. Campaigns
  4. NPO.

Applications will be open from Monday 20th July, and close on Monday 27th July. You can send your application to [email protected].

These are the descriptions as in the constitution, which you can read here.


The Chair shall be;

  1. Responsible for setting the overall direction of the organisation in line with policy determined at meetings of the general membership,

  2. The voice and spokesperson of SYL and the primary representative of youth and student Liberal Democrats in Scotland, both to the Party and to external organisations,

  3. Responsible for coordinating, overseeing and ensuring that the roles & activities of the rest of the Executive are carried out,

  4. Responsible for chairing meetings of the Executive and the Annual General Meeting,

  5. The Scottish Convenor as described in the constitution of Young Liberals,

  6. The SYL representative to the National Executive of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.


The Treasurer shall;

  1. Manage all financial matters in relation to SYL.

  2. Be responsible for prepare a budget for SYL in consultation with the Vice Chair,

  3. Be responsible for fundraising and ensuring that SYL remains in a healthy financial position,

  4. Prepare an overview of SYL’s finances for the preceding financial year, to be delivered at the AGM,

  5. The primary account-holder of any SYL bank account and ensure that there are at least one other co-signatory to the account, who should also be a member of the Executive,

  6. Ensure that SYL remains compliant with the requirements of the Political Parties, Elections & Referendums (2000) Act (PPERA).

Campaigns Officer

The Campaigns Officer shall be;

  1. Responsible for coordinating, in consultation with the executive, campaigns for SYL based on the organisation’s own policy and policy of the Scottish Liberal Democrats or campaigns which promotes SYL and the Scottish Liberal Democrats more broadly,

  2. Responsible for planning the annual Freshers Campaign in association with Young Liberal and Branch representatives, where appropriate, and ensuring that this is taken up as widely as possible within Scottish Academic institutions,

  3. Jointly responsible, with the Communications Officer, for developing the overall membership of SYL,

  4. Responsible for planning, alongside the Chair, Scottish Young Liberal election strategy and also aiming to recruit and develop youth and students to serve as potential Parliamentary, Assembly and Local Council candidates.

Non-Portfolio Officer

This one does currently have a role as in the constitution, but we're looking to reform it into a Diversity Officer.

This Diversity Officer would liaise with the Federal Young Liberals on matters relating to LGBT+, BAME, gender, and disability diversity within the Scottish Young Liberals and the wider party. They would also be directly accountable to the executive - something which the current NPO role is not.

We can't wait to see some new people on our Executive, so good luck to all applicants!

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