Jamie Ross


Jamie is 22 years old and lives in Ayr. He recently graduated with a degree in Society, Politics and Policy from the University of the West of Scotland and works for a logistics company while studying my master’s degree in Development studies at Glasgow University.

One of Jamie's top priorities for Ayr is to support the expansion of mental health support, which has been chronically underfunded throughout Ayrshire, for far too long. We need more mental health support staff and for the government to work with local mental health charities to provide vital help to people in their time of need.

Jamie also wants to see a major overhaul of infrastructure investment in Scotland. Not just in physical infrastructure such as roads and rail networks, but also in social infrastructure such as education and health services. This investment will see a greater economic recovery from the pandemic. Which would only be worsened by the economic disaster that independence would cause.

We also need to make sure that any recovery is made to be green. This means more investment in renewable energy, making sure our schools and hospitals are carbon neutral, and encouraging the take up of electric vehicles through expanding electric vehicle charging points across Scotland.

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